143 new jobs coming from artificial intelligence

Trolling slot detection specialist, smart home design manager, digital tailor, digital therapist, robo psychologist… In the near future we will be the most talked about sectors. Artificial intelligence is what they all have in common. Stating that there will be no profession in this transformation, there is no data. Şebnem Özdemir said that the knowledge and experience gained with digitalization will create a change in the professions.

Artificial intelligence is a concept that has existed in our lives for a long time. Members of the Council. Dr. Şebnem Özdemir said, son We have recently felt the impact of this concept on professions very intensely. The reason for this is that it creates easier and more focusable points in the occupations. Artificial intelligence is an important tool in our data processing. Therefore, there will be no profession in the future without data. For this reason, it is not possible to say that there is a profession that cannot be supported directly or indirectly by artificial intelligence ”.

Stating that in the future will never emerge professions that name. Sebnem Ozdemir said:

“For example, a profession called a trawl locator will be in the future. The concept we call trolling is based on a person spreading false news with a fake identity, which is fun for some time and may be harmful for some time. When we call the troll slot, we are talking about an organized and planned attack of a number ranging from 100 to 200 people and manipulating social media in this direction. The person who we call the trawl slot detection expert is the person who will observe the fluctuation caused by the changes created by the graphs, labeling, human comments and shares in social media and will warn the relevant authorities to take precautions at this point. ”

Robots and people in the world of the future are expected to work as teams that express Dr. Özdemir said, “How will people organize to be teamed with a robot while people are having problems in team processes in the company today? There is a leader and follower or a co-partnership model in team-building. When you partner with a robot, will you be the leader, allow it to be the leader, or allow you to be in a position with you? A new type of profession, which we call human-robot team manager, will help in the sitting of this fiction. And it is not possible to think that this professional group can be independent of artificial intelligence. ”

“Right now, there are many technologies that you can select the content of smart homes and rate them to make your home smart, Dr. he said. Özdemir said, anız If you are going to buy a technology in your house and your technology knowledge is weak, who will you ask for help in equipping your house? At this point, smart home designers will come into play. We can talk about many professions like this that we haven't heard of yet. But in all of these professions, we will be talking about professions that process data, make meaning from it, direct the community, people and institutions on the path of data, and produce decisions that are appropriate to the outputs produced by artificial intelligence. ”

The professions of the future are not limited to this. Dr. Şebnem Özdemir and Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Deniz Kılınç wrote kitap Professions of the Future: Digital Transformation, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence 143 and recorded 143 professions. The book covers 27 of these professions. What kind of skills should those who want to take part in these professions, what are the points that make up these professions are also in the book.

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