3 features on iPhones that most people don't know

iPhone, as well as all over the world are used by many consumers in Turkey. Even if you've been using an iPhone for years, what about the features you still haven't discovered? Moreover, the US-based technology giant Apple's iPhones operating system iOS is updated every year, your smartphone is constantly getting new features. This makes it a little more difficult to master the features of the phone.

Now we're going to talk about three different features that will give you a better iPhone experience. Although these features seem to be simple, they will provide many advantages over the course of the day. If you wish, without further ado, let's take a closer look at what 3 features iPhone owners should definitely learn.


Although document scanning is often not needed, scanning of official documents is of great importance. Moreover, this process can be annoying when you want to do with the camera camera. However, the "Notes" application on your iPhone allows you to recognize documents. Moreover, the scan will look much cleaner makes your work easier.

To use this feature, all you need to do is enter the Notes application on your iPhone and then tap the camera button while creating a new note. When you touch the "Scan Document" button in the menu that appears, you are ready for the necessary operations.


iPhone's calculator is a very basic application in terms of appearance. Even when we misspelled the numbers, there isn't even a button to delete the wrong number. But in fact, this is not because of the iPhone's lack of functionality, but because it doesn't need any delete buttons. Such that; if you misspelled a number, move the area of the digits to the left. This will erase the numbers.

The capabilities of the iPhone's calculator app are not limited to this. If you wish, turn the screen of your smartphone horizontally. You will see the iPhone's scientific calculator. This allows you to perform more complex accounts and you do not need a third-party application to do so.


In fact, smart phones are devices that are produced to help consumers in every sense. Therefore, sleep time, which is very important for consumers, is also taken care of by your iPhone. Enter the "Clock" section of your phone and switch to the "Bedtime" tab. This tab allows you to create some reminders that you can use to gain new habits.

However, the only feature of Bedtime is not to create a reminder. With this feature, you can easily create your alarms and adjust the alarm sound to yourself. In addition, you can control your daily sleep status through this application. Although not very professional, Bedtime can make sleep more regular, one of the most important stages of the day.

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