App showing hidden profiles on Instagram has been removed from Play Store

Many of us have confused the social media profile of someone whose life they are curious about. This activity, which is made without any trace of liking or storytelling, is called stalking in modern terms. This action, which is usually done because of an innocent curiosity, does not constitute a breach of privacy because the profile of the target person is already open or closed depending on his choice.

Ghosty, a new practice that overturns privacy principles, lifts some boundaries for people who don't rule, while many people are concerned about their social media accounts, but Instagram has gotten into it and prevented users from being uneasy.

Instagram, which took action against the Ghosty application, announced that the application was called to stop its activities. Ghosty application showing hidden Instagram accounts to users; it violated other rules apart from this violation.

The application asks you for data from others to show hidden accounts, so it collects user data to find hidden accounts that people are tracking. So if you use this application you violate the privacy of both yourself and your close circle.

Ghosty was available on the Google Play Store until it was recently removed, with more than 500,000 downloads from its April release until its closure.

It is no surprise that the application is so short-lived. With a call to stop its activities, Instagram made it clear that its rights had been violated and that it would impose sanctions. The surprise is how the app stays in the store for so long away from the attention of the Google Play Store and Instagram. This is a big problem because it was enough time for some people to collect enough data to threaten or harass people.

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