Apple changes iPhone production

Apple, iPhone üretiminde değişikliğe gidiyor

Apple has made its decision for devices that are manufactured in India. The world giant, which has been working with Salcomp for a long time in India for production, will change the balance in the market by increasing production. Indian-made iPhones will be marketed to the world.

Apple India production will grow

Salcomp, which is the supplier company for iPhone production, is preparing to increase its production by taking a large amount of investment. Salcomp, which is already a manufacturer of chargers, will also start producing iPhone. In this way, the US will be ahead of the trade war between the US and China. Earlier in the United States, Apple and other brands in China to produce a lot of talk and President Trump wanted to pass the production to the United States.

Apple, the factory in the United States, ready-made factory instead of manufacturing, the first batch of iPhones produced by the international market has produced. In this way, India-made iPhones are being used worldwide. India was preferred because of the low production cost.

Starting with an investment of 20 billion Indian Rupees ($ 278.67 million), iPhone production will take place at the factory in Chennai, which Nokia stopped using 10 years ago. Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad said: “This product is manufactured in India. Today is a beautiful day. However, 10 thousand people will be provided employment ”.

A closer look at India shows that Apple is the second-largest country to which it sells. India, who wants to benefit from the commercial war between the US and China, is on the way to becoming a manufacturer of large firms. In September, the Asian country, which brought tax cuts to private manufacturing companies, plans to export the $ 1.6 billion iPhone and iPhone segment by the end of March 2020.

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