Bringing edits to children's videos on YouTube

The company's YouTube user support page announced that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached a legal compromise agreement for the presentation of video sharing for children and advertising applications for these content will be regulated. The statement, the video sharing for children, those who upload the videos aimed at children or children will be required to specify the content that will be of interest to be noted. If this is not done, such content is automatically detected by machine learning software and new rules will be applied independently of the installers.

The statement includes children's or children's characters, focusing on popular children's programs or cartoon and animated characters, including play-based role-playing and storytelling with toys, children's playful playgrounds or imaginative playgrounds, or popular children's songs. , stories and poems, including videos that will be considered as content for children said.

On the other hand, Google reported that YouTube will not publish personalized ads on videos that are identified or identified as intended for children, and audience data will not be collected for this purpose.

The company said that only non-personalized ads will be published on these videos.

There will be no comment on the videos, the number of likes and subscribers will not be shown
The statement also commented that videos for children can not be made, the number of likes and subscribers will not be shown. Content producers will be given 4 months to comply with the regulation, which will take effect from January 2020. Google has agreed to pay the FTC a fine of $ 170 million in an investigation into violations of the Children's Privacy Act by publishing personalized ads on children's videos on YouTube.

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