China makes 'landing test on Mars'

According to the newspaper "People's Diary", the study of "landing on Mars" was conducted in the Huaylay district of Cangciakou, a province in the north of China, in the province of Hibey, with a third of the world's gravity.
Numerous experiments were conducted in the experiment area, where many foreign observers were invited, with scouting tools, air gliding, avoiding obstacles, and lowering scenarios.
China National Space Administration President Cang Kicien, in a statement after the experiment, stating that the research of the universe is a common dream of all humanity, the country's fair, peaceful use and inclusive development on the basis of international communication and cooperation in the field of space advocates for strengthening, he said.
In December last year, China sent a reconnaissance vehicle to explore the dark side of the Moon, which landed on the dark side on January 3rd.
The Çüeçiao Communication Satellite was sent to the Second Lagrangian (L2) orbit at 455,000 kilometers away from the Earth in May 2018 to enable communication with the vehicle before the discovery vehicle was sent to the Moon's invisible face. China sent the first discovery vehicle to the Moon in 2013.
China and the United States and Russia after the "space race", which stands out with the rapid development of the recent period, China plans to start the Mars mission next year. In recent years, China has made a name for itself in the field of space, remote sensing satellites, global positioning and observation satellites, orbiting permanent space station construction, Moon studies, exploration of Mars and Jupiter comes to the fore with ambitious projects.

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