Facebook came rival!.. Already reached 160 thousand members!

According to the BBC news, Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales established a non-profit social media platform, as in the digital encyclopedia.
Social media platform called 'WT: Social', which will provide its income with donations and membership fees of its users, has reached 160 thousand members
Wales said the platform will not sell user data and will try to survive with membership fees and users' donations instead of ads.

WT: Social, a news-driven social network, will allow users to change titles that they think are misleading, just like Wikipedia.

WT: Social membership fees are £ 10 per month in the UK, £ 80 per year, £ 12 per month in Europe, € 90 per year, $ 13 per month in the US, $ 100 per year.

In 2017, Wales set up the 'Wikitribune' news platform, which is planned to stand up with donations to fight counterfeit news in the digital world.

In October 2018, however, the platform ended the work of a team of journalists.

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