Good news for GTA Online players

GTA Online Rockstar Games who make a statement about people looking for a reason to play, exhibits the behavior expected from him. The company, which undertakes the distribution of the game, stated that despite the launch of GTA Online 6 years ago, it will be continuously developed.

No need to look for reason to play GTA Online

In the summer season, the casino mode with the player community and many users to bring the game Rockstar Games, such events will be more experienced, he said. Because according to the authorities GTA 5 multiplayer mode GTA Online, will be constantly renewed and players will no longer look for reasons to play this game.

Some players thought that with the release of Red Dead Online, GTA Online will no longer be developed and will end. The developer firm Rockstar North, which proved the contrary, will continue to work. Rob Nelson, one of the most important names of the company, announced that this production will be developed for at least another year.

Rob Nelson said that this decision was taken consciously and will be implemented. Explaining the secret of the Rockstar team, who never fully explained their plans, the experienced manager explored the reason for this with the concept of flexibility. According to Nelson, Rockstar Games should be open to changes.

Generally, the company plans to spread the successful 1 year, does not want to be caught unprepared against a sudden change. Rob Nelson, who left his mark on the game agenda with the explanations that made the players smile, completed his words as follows:

Cular Players need to make sure that we have plans and new ideas designed to be implemented. We launched GTA Online 6 years ago and reached a record number of players. We are grateful to everyone who has been with us in this process. Those who remain here should look forward to their holiday activities. ”

Rob Nelson continued to work on behalf of the players who had never been in this atmosphere except for those waiting for the new modes and underlined that he is in pursuit of action-based and open-world modes. Nelson thinks there will always be a reason to play GTA Online.

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