Hidden danger in smart watches

Gazi University School of Medicine, Head of Public Health Department. Dr. Mustafa Necmi İlhan, Demirören News Agency (DHA) said in a statement, electromagnetic field sources should be kept as far away from the body, he said. Ilhan, to protect the health of the sources of exposure and the importance of reducing the time, "I need to put the mobile phone in the other room, not in the room.

İlhan underlined that the smart watch is an electromagnetic field source like the mobile phone.

"When the smart wristwatch communicates with the phone in my pocket, they both generate electromagnetic fields and make it directly with the naked contact on my wrist. Or I put on a bluetooth headset, maybe it looks nice, but it creates a new source of electromagnetic fields. All of this can cause many symptoms, from headache to reddening, yellowing, or some hypertensive changes to some of the eye's effects. I can cause some rhythm disturbances. Or my hand is down, it can cause reproductive system problems in men and women. "

Ilhan, mobile phone and other electronic equipment exposure to work on what diseases may occur, but the best intervention in terms of public health protection and reduce risks, he said.

A person using a simple mobile phone and smart watch on his wrist, bluetooth earphones in the ear and the person who constantly access the Internet with a smart mobile phone in terms of exposure to electromagnetic field can occur up to 8 times explaining Ilhan, said the effects of the smart watch on the body:

"The smart watch does not affect people as much as the mobile phone, but it makes an effect by increasing the effect of the mobile phone. The moment we wear the smartphone on our arm, both the mobile phone exposure and the electromagnetic field exposure are caused by the smart watch itself. 1.2-1.3 makes. This effect is 1.5-1.6 on the headset. Smart watch is obviously not necessary. Every minute we are in touch with it. "

İlhan stated that keeping the smart watches open 24 hours at the wrist is not correct in terms of health and made the following suggestions for protection from the sources of electromagnetic fields: And if we're going to use a cell phone, let's choose a wired headset Yes, maybe we're doing sports for our business, we're using smart watches for our social activities, but let's not use them on a 24-hour basis. The more Internet a mobile phone uses, or the more base stations it is searching for, the more dangerous it is because it emits more energy, such as closing apps we don't use on a smartphone. If not very important to you, you may not keep your internet open everywhere. "

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