Instagram's TikTok rival moves: Reels

Instagram launched a video editing tool that would rival TikTok in Brazil. According to information provided by TechCrunch and Variety, the new tool called Reels can be used on all iOS and Android-based phones. If the pilot is successful in Brazil, Instagram is expected to release this new video editing tool worldwide.

With Reels, users will be able to record a 15-second video, edit the speed, add music, and even use music from other videos, such as TikTok's "Duet" feature. After editing the video in Reels, users will be able to post it on Instagram storylines.

The video will be produced with a search engine called Top Reels and the videos will be shared with Instagram from DM.

It is clear that Instagram has developed this feature to prevent TikTok, which is rising rapidly. Because according to Sensor Tower data, TikTok has reached a total of 1.5 billion monthly users on a global basis. The number of users in the US alone is 122 million. But Robby Stein, the company's product manager, rejects Reels' resemblance to TikTok in a statement to TechCrunch. "I disagree with the idea that the two products are the same," says Stein, adding that "the end of the day is a universal idea of ​​music video content production. Our starting point was how to make it unique".

If the pilot in Brazil is successful, where will you find Reels on Instagram?

Users will find Reels in the Instagram app on the camera tab of Instagram Stories, as well as Boomerang and Super Zoom. Users will be able to record videos in a quiet mode or by voice. They will be able to use the music in another video if they wish for their videos. You can search popular or trendy videos to add music to your videos. They will even be able to see videos that have received the most interaction or access using that music on the search screens. In fact, the tool will also guide the users so that they can mix the music they use.

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