iPhone 12 came unveiled sales forecasts!

iPhone 12 tanıtılmadan satış tahminleri geldi!

Although it has been a short time since the introduction of the iPhone 11, details about the iPhone 12 continue to be revealed. Apple's suppliers shared initial information on iPhone 12 sales forecasts.

In 2019, the iPhone 11 family is expected to sell approximately 80 million units. The iPhone 12 will be introduced in September 2020 and will receive more than 100 million orders.

iPhone 12 sales forecasts already shared

Apple's new iPhone models to be introduced next year is expected to make better hardware enhancements than the last few years. Of course, 5G support comes first.

2020 iPhone models will have 5G support. These sales forecasts shared by DigiTimes are based on information shared by Apple's supply chains. Considering that iPhone sales generally grow by 5 percent, this growth, which is close to 25 percent, is quite ambitious.

In addition, the 3D ToF sensor and design change to enhance augmented reality capabilities are among the expectations for new iPhone models. Analysts say that as 5G becomes widespread, people will change their phones.

In 2019, 15 million 5G phone shipments are expected. In 2020, this number is expected to increase and increase. Of course, this may cause an upward movement in iPhone prices next year.

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