New digital payment system from Facebook

Facebook'tan yeni dijital ödeme sistemi
According to a statement from Facebook, the new digital payment system, which will be available in the US this week, will only serve on Facebook and Messenger platforms at the beginning.

Facebook Pay; donation services, in-game purchases, event tickets, person-to-person payments in Messenger and businesses and pages on Facebook will be used for purchases.

The company's new payment system is planned to be launched in the future, on other platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, and in more countries.

In the new payment system announced by Facebook, users define their preferred payment method to Facebook Pay, and will not have to enter payment information repeatedly in cases requiring payment.

In the new system, you will be able to view payment histories, check payment methods and update settings through a single panel.

The system will be available in the US in the first process, users, real-time "live chat" through customer service will be able to access.

Facebook's Vice President in charge of Market and Trade Deborah Liu said that the new digital payment systems Facebook Pay will provide users with a comfortable and secure payment experience on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Liu said that people are using payments in Facebook's apps to shop, donate and send money to each other. "Facebook Pay will make it easier for users to secure and protect their payment information." used the phrase.

Facebook Pay system payments are made in collaboration with PayPal, Stripe and other companies around the world. In addition to PayPal, the system supports known credit and debit cards.

In the statement, it was emphasized that Facebook Pay was realized through the current financial infrastructure and partnerships and that there is no connection with the applications running in the Libra network.

Facebook Pay, which promises to store card and bank account information in a secure and encrypted way, will also serve as a detection system against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Users will be able to use their pin code, fingerprint or face if they wish to send money to the payment system or request extra security to pay, and the company will not store this biometric data in the system.

It was emphasized that the new payment system will be a part of the efforts for convenient, accessible and secure trade and will continue to be developed.

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