PS5 claims to be faster than the Xbox Scarlett model

PS5, Xbox Scarlett modelinden hızlı olacak iddiası

Console manufacturers continue their efforts to release their new models next year. On a forum site, the user claims to have tried both consoles, the Sony PS5 model is faster than the Xbox Scarlett'a claimed.

Is the PS5 faster than the Xbox Scarlett?

Although there are rumors about the upcoming game consoles, there is no official announcement from the two companies yet. Microsoft Xbox official Phil Spencer said a few days ago that game consoles should reflect the competitive environment. Spencer also stressed that game console prices should be kept at a reasonable level.

Spencer also said the consoles' claim with a $ 499 price tag may be possible. Allegedly, the Sony PS5 rivals the Xbox Scarllet'a performance in terms of better results.

Forum PS5 game performance is better than Scarlett, Bir says a forum user. One of the main reasons for this may be the early start of game development for the PS5. Better optimization of hardware and software is also an important factor. I believe Scarlett will be able to close this gap with software updates. ”

Some analysts said such a difference would not be possible. AMD produces CPU and GPU chips for both Sony and Microsoft. Considering that almost the same hardware will be used, there is no difference in performance except for the software features. It is also expected that SSD will be used on both consoles and similar gaming experiences.

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