PUBG Mobile appeared in new game modes

PUBG Mobile yeni oyun modları ortaya çıktı
PUBG Mobile enhances the gaming experience with new game modes and maps. With Death Race mode, a profitable region on the Erangel map and new game modes, players' game experience will be improved.
Pubg mobile yeni oyun modları

PUBG Mobile comes in Death Race mode

The PUBG Mobile team has been constantly adding new content to the game for some time to keep loyal players happy. Over the past few months, the team has developed a brand new map for new game modes and Team Deathmatch mode, and many innovations will be revealed soon in the Beta update to keep players entertained.

The update, called version 0.16.0, will bring three major innovations to the game.

According to information provided by Mr.GhostGaming, one of them will probably be a new game mode under EvoGround for players to randomly navigate the PUBG universe. The original Erangel map will also receive a new update synchronized with the coming festival season. For players who want a more realistic shooting experience, there are also new settings that allow players to change their perspective as they wish.

The new Death Race mode will allow players to fight on teams driving. These vehicles will be equipped with heavy weapons and players will have to complete the race in a short time without eliminating their opponents.

Last year, there was no way to change this setting when playing the game, although players were given the opportunity to play from a third-person or first-person perspective. With version 0.16.0 you will now be able to instantly switch between these modes.

After the emergence of the profitable Vikendi map a year ago, the developers for this year also brought profit to the map of Erangel. The next update of Erangel will be a snowy version complete with snowy mountains, ski lifts and ski boards.

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