Scientists produced human skin in less than a minute

Singaporean scientists say in less than a minute a piece of skin can be produced in the size of the thumb. This development is an innovative move to test non-animal subjects in the future for testing cosmetics and other products.

John Koh, director of laboratory at DeNova Sciences, working with Singapore's Nanyang University of Technology, said that in the laboratory, skin cells produced from organs and collagen have similar chemical and biological properties to human skin.

Koh said, iz We can see that the industry is moving into a period of experiments where animals are not used. We really want to offer a solution to the experiments in the skin without using animal or human skin. ”

According to Independent Turkish, Reuters'tan; The research team accelerated the production process by using a press to place layers that resemble human skin. The distinctive feature of the study is that the production of each piece of leather takes less than a minute.

As the skin cells multiply and become opaque, the mixture takes about two weeks to develop. The skin can be used to test the toxicity rate or the possibility of irritation of any substance and the penetrating properties of the active ingredients in products such as cosmetics.

The research team has now focused on developing skin containing Asian pigment cells to test the whitening effects of cosmetics and skin care products.

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