Windows 10 November update upsets users

Windows 10 Kasım güncellemesi kullanıcıları üzdü

Two weeks ago, we announced that Microsoft has released the Windows 10 November 2019 update, which has come a long way since Windows 7. The update was quite small compared to the previous ones.

Therefore, unlike previous updates, it was thought that there would be a smooth upgrade. However, it was not as expected and several problems arose such as the inability to install antivirus programs.

Windows 10 November 2019 update is on the agenda with problems!

Many users who installed the update “Installation of some updates failed. We will try the installation again. ” You can learn how to solve this problem by clicking the link above.

This update came up with two different problems. The first is that the older versions of Avast and AVG cannot be installed. For this reason, users who do not want to experience antivirus problems should choose the most current versions.

This is not the first problem with third party antivirus solutions in the Windows 10 operating system. Another issue that the November 2019 update comes up in is the File Explorer, which is vital for the operating system.

Some of the users who installed the update say that the search section in the file explorer has stopped working. Because Microsoft does not officially accept this issue, it is not known how the next process will be.

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