How to delete Instagram search history

Instagram arama geçmişi nasıl silinir?

Instagram search history deletion has become a popular topic today, because almost everyone uses Instagram. However, the questions on how to delete Instagram search history began to come. Recently a lot of searches on the internet, titled deleting history on Instagram are being made. Increasing use of the Internet and especially social media requires some secrecy. In this case, deleting Instagram history becomes even more important.

Especially for people who don't want others to know who is searching for Instagram, deleting Instagram history is very important. There is no need for others to know what people, pages or groups you are wondering about and who they are. In this article we will explain how to delete Instagram search history or how to delete Instagram search history completely. We will also talk about deleting Instagram letter history.

Let's start with what needs attention.

Considerations for deleting Instagram search history

You may want to delete Instagram search history. However, there are some things you need to be aware of before or during these operations. For example, you may lose a page that interests you that you have not followed or whose name has not been noted down after Instagram history deletion.

Even if you delete Instagram history, the accounts you look at very often may appear under “suggestions,, and you should hide these accounts.

Delete Instagram call history from phone

You can delete Instagram history from your phone. Now let's look at the stages together.

1- Enter Instagram first. Then go to the part where your own account appears.

instagram arama geçmişi silme yapma

2- Then touch the 3 lines on the top right and go to “Settings”

instagram arama geçmişi silme işlemi

3- After entering Security section from Settings, let's go to temizle Clear Search History ”at the bottom. This is your search history.

instagram arama geçmişi silme yapmak

After touching this section, you will see the list of accounts you searched for. If you wish, you can delete the individual Instagram search history by clicking the crosses next to the accounts you wish to delete, or by clicking Clear all.

Delete Instagram history from computer

I have explained how to delete Instagram search history using phone. You can also delete Instagram history from your computer very easily. Now let's talk about how to delete Instagram search history from the computer.

1- First, log in to your Instagram account from your computer.

instagram arama geçmiş silme

2- After logging in to your Instagram account, click the “Profile” sign on the top right. Clicking this profile mark will bring up your own account page.

instagram arama geçmiş silme rehberi

3- Then, click the Düzenle Edit Profile ”tab in the middle of your own account page. When you open the Edit profile tab, a page will appear on the left side with tabs of certain categories.

instagram arama geçmiş silme detaylı anlatım

4- Click on “Privacy and Security”

instagram arama geçmişi silme nasıl silinir anlatımı

5- On the privacy and security page, at the bottom, click Görüntüle View Account Data altında under the name “Account Data.. On this page, you'll see categorized options where you can do a lot of things related to your account data.

instagram arama geçmişi nasıl silinir

6- Click Gör View All olan under altında Search History alan at the bottom of this page. After clicking this option, you will see a page with your search history.

instagram arama geçmiş

7- On this page, as you can see in the picture above, we click Temiz Clear Search History ”.

instagram arama geçmişi silme yapma adımları

Then, by clicking “Yes, I'm sure” on the question button, we complete the Instagram search history deletion.

instagram geçmiş silme

Instagram history deletion - How to delete letter history?

At the beginning of the article, we said that we will talk about deleting Instagram letter history. Now, let's talk about how to delete Instagram letter history. When you search for someone on Instagram, if you type any letters, the accounts you've previously searched for will begin with the account starting with that letter. This is about Instagram letter history. Even if you have deleted the Instagram search history, you may still see this.

In this case, you should delete Instagram search suggestions. How is this done? When you type the letter in the search section, if you tap and hold on the accounts that appear below, tap the hide option, it will not appear when you type the initial letter of the name of the account, so you can perform permanent deletion of Instagram letter history.

instagram geçmişi silme

Instagram history not deleted issue

Some Instagram users say that even if they do Instagram search history deletion or Instagram letter history, the search history is not deleted. In this case, the exact solution is unfortunately to prevent the person you do not want to leave, but you can try a few solutions without doing so.

The first is that you can perform a cleaning scan after uninstalling the application from your phone and using phone maintenance applications such as “Clean Master da on your phone.

Maybe this process can help in clearing Instagram search history.

Secondly, after uninstalling Instagram again from your phone, reboot your phone and install the app again and check if the Instagram history has been deleted.

If you're using a phone with an Android operating system, you can come to Instagram in the app settings on your phone, clear the cache and cookie, and solve the Instagram search history not being deleted.

instagram arama geçmişi silme

Is it possible to bring back Instagram search history?

Occasionally, users can regret that after completing an entire Instagram search history deletion, they can query the Instagram search history recovery to find their lost accounts. So, is it possible to bring back Instagram search history?

Sorry, it is not possible to restore search history. If you'd like to find accounts that you've searched for before, but you can't remember the name of, you can try to find them by searching for the location, label, or the accounts of those people.

In our article, we gave you information about Instagram history and answered the question of how to delete Instagram search history. However, we talked about seeing Instagram searchers step by step and how to delete Instagram search history with the help of different devices. Hopefully, it has been a useful article for you.

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